It's possible that this weekend I'll finish baby blanket #3.

It's possible that I'll buy at least one skein of yarn, possibly more but that depends on who is with me at the time.

It's possible that I'll end up in a Dirndl Skirt dancing on a table swinging beer steins around.

picture courtesy of http://www.leavenworthoktoberfest.com/

It's possible that if I'm in a dirndl, D will be in lederhosen.

It's guaranteed that there will be no photos of this...

It's Oktoberfest weekend and anything is possible!

Things that are a given:

1. I'll be visiting a new yarn shop over the weekend called Wooly Bully Yarns. I'll give a thorough report as soon as I'm done there!

2. I will be making french toast casserole and monkey bread this weekend.

3. Beer will be consummed. Possibly in large quantities.

4. There will be singing, dancing, dirndls and lederhosen, not necessarily gracing this body but they will be there.

5. I'm anxiously looking forward to my first bratwurst of the weekend... note I said first. I love a

good bratwurst!

I promise we'll have fun.
I promise I'll take an alarming amount of pictures.
I promise that I've already started working on D to get us moving way earlier than we need to, the negotiation is still on-going. It's possible that I've suggested that I would just meet him there later in the day...

it's wrong to laugh at this but i do, every single time. i refer to it as
his private dining.

On a side note, I think Mr. Brown is getting better but then I think he's not. I'm not sure. We had to switch from the soft sided cone to the hard plastic ones. The hard plastic are the ones he's known for getting out of and destroying. So far though after a few tips from Washington Boxer Rescue the cone is still on. Hopefully he'll make good strides over the weekend. His follow up is next Wednesday. If it's not better by then they'll have to do the procedure again and I'll probably have them sew his eye shut for a couple weeks to let it heal...
when he's mad at me he looks away like this till he remembers he's hungry

by the time this is all done, he's going to hate me.
but I feed him so he'll love me again eventually...

Happy Thursday!!

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