Dancing Bamboo sock by Holly Daymude from the book Pints & Purls...

I've made these twice before. I love them.
I'm making these in a dk weight on a size 3 needle.
The original pattern calls for fingering and a size 1.
All I did was adjust the stitch pattern from 64 stitches to 48 and it all works.
These are dense, squishy, and lovely. I can't wait to slap them on my feet!


Linda Cannon said…
Oh Thank you for the number of stitches and the needles for DK, I need that and now I can be a lazy slug and just follow your lead. Love the color.
Carmel said…
do you have the book with the pattern in it? There are a lot of really great patterns in there.
Linda Cannon said…
No, I don't but I do have an old book somewhere and being excessively lazy about it didn't feel like looking. The book you mentioned sounds interesting though. I will go to Amazon to check it out. I remember seeing it somewhere in a bookstore and thought it was really cute, but at the time was doing other things. I used the DK weight to make fishing and bed slipper socks, one Christmas. This morning I found the fishing socks so I can use it for the pattern, just the needle size I was missing, so I appreciated it so much.

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