A Christmas Wish... by a boxer girl

Dear Fat Man I mean, Santa,

I have been a good great Boxer girl this year (as I am every year) But maybe you don't know this since The Girl doesn't believe in your little Elf on the Shelf philosophy, but she rarely consults me on these issues...

Anywhoo, here is my Christmas Wish list for 2014

GaBby sIouX's KrIstMas Demands Wish List

1. a new bigger orthopedic bed with sides and quilted top.
2. more meals containing canned food
3. Obviously I'm going to need a new ball
4. Onesie pajamas. The old dog doesn't cuddle like he used to at night.
5. Fancy dog biscuits
6. Jelly Fish aquarium from the Sharper Image. They are supposedly soothing to watch
7. AirDOG Jordans. I hate having my feet wet.
8. A down comforter - please refer to request #4
9. an elevated food dish. I'm tired of that jacked up solution The Girl came up with. I would like something fancy maybe with a little scroll work on the sides.
10. A heating pad for my new bed and comforter. please refer to request #4

I'm really looking forward to finding all things listed above waiting under our fake beautiful christmas tree this year...



Oh Gabby, Santa is sure to stop by your house this year - every senior deserves to be remembered with love, just like your mom & dad will make sure of this year as they always do ♥ Love from all the WBR boxerkids

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