Dear Passengers on Yesterday's Flight...

Between Dallas Fort Worth and Seattle, Wa...
I'm sorry you had to listen to me cough, sneeze, and blow my honker the entire flight.
You may have even heard me snore during the 20 minutes of the four hour flight that I slept.
I apologize for exposing you to whatever virus I was exposed to on the flight from Fort Meyers to Dallas.
Had I realized I was surrounded by *germ time bombs on that flight I might have tried to maneuver my seat to a safer location but it was a holiday weekend and it was inevitable that those little walking sniffling nose germ bombs would be littered liberally about the plane and being suceptible to catching a cold in flight I was doomed.

Hopefully the rest of you were smarter and dosed up on airborne prior to flying.
I was not so wise.
I should know better.
Next time I will.

In the meantime I hope that I nixed the germs in the bud when we had lunch in Dallas.
Hopefully the bloody mary's at the Irish Pub were strong enough to keep those little buggers from spreading and the only story of the flight you have to tell is about listening to some woman blowing her nose thru the whole flight and not cursing me for the cold you caught and spread to the rest of your lovely family.

That is my hope.
That is my Christmas wish.
That none of you caught the nastiness that kept me from watching the Silvertips whoop Saskatoon last night 5-1.
That had me leaving dinner with our friends early because all I wanted was to go to bed.
That probably started a rumor at the Irishmen amongst the servers when all I wanted to eat was ginger ale, a cup of croutons, and a little macaroni and cheese because I was feeling nauseas.

I hope you can forgive me in this time of Joy Love Cheer and good wishes for all.
I'm sure it's all your good wishes that have me feeling better today.

The Girl in 14C

*while germ time bombs do refer to children please note that I have nothing against kids, and kids on airplanes, it's just that I know from working in a daycare that they are exposed to everything at a young age and therefore expose us to things without meaning too... I think children are delightful. Just not when I get exposed to their germs.


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