why i failed math...

Carmel has $50.00 to spend on yarn.
At the yarn shop she sees six skeins of yarn for $8.99 each.
Carmel finds another ball of yarn for $5.49 which will be perfect for her father-in-laws Christmas hat.

How much will all this cost Carmel? *see answer below

Carmel adds it all up to be about $45.00
Carmel walks up to pay with her $50.00 out.
Cashier rings Carmel up.
Carmel puts away the $50.00 and hands over her credit card.
Apparently 3x9 doesn't equal 18 thus making 6x9 equalling 36 in which case I would have had more than enough money for what I wanted and the hat for the FIL.

Had they used my math when charging me for my purchase D never would have known.

This is another proud moment for my mom. I bet she's bursting.

*Answer: $65.00

in my defense I had had a very busy two days back at the office and had been dealing with numbers all day. I was brain fried.

I've never been good at math though.


I've done this, and I AM good at math! LOL. So I don't know what my excuse is. ;P

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