Finished Object: Valentine Socks for Beans

When ordering yarn for my friends baby blanket I tossed in a couple balls of Sweetheart Felici and Stroll Glimmer to bump me up to free shipping.. it was a win win

I immediately cast on a pair of baby socks for Beans, my hockey buddy.
I got them finished last Sunday and we slapped them on her feet over her onsie before the game.
Seriously... it doesn't get cuter than baby socks on a baby.

Beans is almost eight months old now and I can't believe how fast the time has gone! I try to take a picture of us at every Silvertips game and looking back you can see her personality grow every time.

She has the biggest eyes I've seen on a baby and she's simply adorable.

Pattern is the So Much Yarn basic fingering weight baby sock by Lauren Lindeman. You'll have to call the shop for the pattern.
Yarn is Felici self striping in Sweetheart
The toe is Stroll Glimmer in Runway and it has a bit of sparkle in it.
both yarns are from knitpicks
I used a size 2 needle.

I'm going to make a pair for LOL as well
possibly myself.
better order some more yarn.

she kept pulling on my cowl and I told her if she choked me I couldn't knit for her anymore... she pulled harder.
little rebel :)


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