senior dogs... they ain't for the faint of heart

Their birthday party. From Left to Right
Gabby, Lucy Girl, Sable, Mr. Brown and Nellie.
Mr. Brown was turning three and Gabby had turned one.

My dogs are getting old. 
A fact that saddens me greatly. 

Even more so this week. 

 Mr. Browns bloodwork came back with a blip on it. Not a huge blip but a 'we need to change his diet kind of blip and hope that in six months there isn't a blip or worse' So I'm on the hunt for a low-fat lamb and rice dry kibble for them to switch to...

Gabby refused to eat this morning. Why? Is it a blockage? Her kidneys? Her liver? Upset tummy? 
Had it been her liver or kidneys there wouldn't have been much for us to do. Blockage? We've been thru that before. Upset tummy? That would be best case scenario. 


that's exactly what it turned out to be. We had some yard work done last weekend and they now have free access to the pond again and I think she may have had a few sips from it... i know, gross. 

The sense of elation I felt when I got home and she ate, drank water, did her business, took her medicine was amazing. I was giddy. I texted everyone I snarled at today because I was worried about her, and I thanked my rescue friends for answering my questions and guiding me along the way. 

Both of these things, however, have me in a state of anxiety, sadness and a great feeling of being overwhelmed and not ready for what inevitably is going to come. 

These two hold my heart between their fuzzy little paws. Since the day we brought each one home. 
We get them for such a short time, I cherish every moment I get to have them close to me. 

Left side photos are them seven or eight years ago.
Right side photos are from this past summer. 

I'm not ready to say good bye. 

But, there is a bottle of apple pie moonshine in my fridge for when I do... 

They have a good life. 
They are loved. 
They have warm beds and full food bowls (well as full as a senior is allowed to have but they've never seen a really full bowl, i think their eyes would pop!) 

They make me ridiculously happy everytime I am with them... 

Tomorrow I'll have an update on a pair of baby socks I just finished where my gauge is completely jacked from one to the other and an update on the baby blanket I am working on!! 

Thanks for reading!


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