The Most Glorious Day!

Here I am in line for the ferry loading sporting Beast and my psychobarbie hat!
Started by me catching the 8:50 a.m. ferry to Kingston to meet up with Mary from America's Knitting.
Our plan was to hit the Allyn Knitting and Spinning Supply's Grand Opening in their new space and then head further south to Fancy Image Yarns in Shelton Washington.

Allyn is about an hour away from Mary and Shelton was another hour from Allyn.

We had so much fun!
I love going over to that side of the sound and seeing the small towns and the country side. It's not as densely populated as my side of the water, and it's absolutely stunning.

Like I said our first stop was Allyn and I'm not going to post a bunch about the shop because Mary is going to do a write up on our visit for America's Knitting and you should go and check it out. I'll give a shout here when it's posted

You can also find our group on Ravelry. I'm the group moderator for Mary and we all have a blast!

So for now, enjoy the pictures and my little snippets of where we were and what we were doing!

View from my seat on the ferry. It's about a 25 minute crossing

Horrible picture but this is the dive park in Edmonds WA. You can see a bunch of scuba divers anytime of the year heading out here to explore.

approaching the dock in Kingston... hurry hurry hurry!

I believe we are driving thru Allyn at this point heading for the yarn shop.

one of the many beautiful displays of yarn at Allyn Yarn and Spinning Supply

I bought a skein of sport to go with the Seahawk yarn I was planning to buy later in the day... I got a free mug with my purchase!


why wouldn't you put a wreath on a statue...

We stopped for lunch at Mo's in Shelton for some good ol' southern cooking. It was delicious and they had a great beer selection. If you go, sit in the bar, it's much cooler than the restaurant side but the food is good on both sides :)

Mary (rt) myself (lt)
Oh Myra this wall in your shop almost made my heart stop!
Fancy Image Yarn were 90% of the shop is all dyed by Myra herself. It's stunning!
Horrible picture but I'm smitten with this crochet banner! I must make one for my knitting room.
on a side note I must learn how to crochet.
all the colors of her hand dyes is amazing.
the entrance! I love it! I could hunker down in here for hours, days, months, Myra do you need a live in knitter??

enroute to our next destination
beautiful beautiful beautiful
seriously, just a guy walking his Llama down the street in Port Orchard

final stop on our mini yarn crawl! Debbie Macombers a good yarn and tea shop! Fun fact, when Debbie isn't being a snowbird her office is in the tower above the shop!

Since the many was sitll walking his Llama around we decided to pull over and meet him. This is Pacer a rescue Llama. He's very handsome.
Donwtown Abby Colorway by Myra at Fancy Image Yarn
Seahawks by Myra

Good 'n Plenty colorway by Myra


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