24 Days of Knitting!

Over on America's Knitting Ravelry page and Facebook page I'm doing my 24 Days of Knitting.

24 patterns that I have ruthlessly reasearched (not really)

24 Patterns that I truly love for their style, the designer, their quickness, their gift-ability and all around yarny goodness.

24 patterns that will hopefully inspire you to hunker down and crack out a slew of knitted gifts wowing all your friends, family, and random strangers with your clever ability and generous spirit.

So now, let me catch you up:

December 1: Bandana Cowl from Purl Soho a freebie on the Purl Bee Blog. It's quick, clever in it's short row shaping. There are many tutorials to walk you thru the whole thing and when it's done you have a smashing gift to give yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a random stranger! You can find the pattern here!

December 2: Two patterns today (don't get excited, this won't be the norm, it's a bonus)

A. Hudson by Alicia Plummer is an aran weight cowl calling for about 380 yards of yarn in two colors. Cost is $6.00 but totally worth the money. You can find the pattern here!

B. Big Herringbone Cowl by Purl Soho. This one is also free from the Purl Bee blog. Calls for worsted weight yarn and size 17 needles. I've not knit this myself but I have seen it knit and it's fabulous! You can get that pattern here!

My bandana cowl knit in 100% cashmere modeled by my handsome Mr. Brown in 2011. Side note: It's probably best not to model cashmere on a dog who requires biscuits for photos and drools when said biscuits are produced.


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