The Finished Object post that will never end...

You might want to settle into a comfy chair for this, pour yourself a cup of holiday cheer, and maybe a note pad if you want some pattern ideas.. This is a biggie and it goes back a few weeks. 

1. One Bourbon by one of my favorite designers Thea Coleman, aka Baby Cocktails. 
Knit in Kenzie on size 7. I knit this for a friend of mine that I met this summer in our new adventure of wake surfing... I knit this in September and finished it in Hawaii. I delivered it to him in mid October...
 2. Slipper Socks: Bulky wool, size 7 needles, and about 6 hours... my coworker hates the cold. HATES it and now at least her feet are warm and toasty!

3-4. 12th Man hats from Yorkshire Yarns. this was their freebie during the South Sound Yarn Crawl this past May. The one on the left is for D and the one on the right is for his friend Todd. You can purchase the pattern at their website for $6.00 now.

5. Tokyo Scarf. One skein of Tokyo yarn, size 10.5 needles, 22 stitches, knit knit knit till you have enough to bind off and hand to the first person you think needs a little sparkle... 

 6. Aspen Shrug from the Classic Elite book Snow Day published in 2009. If you remember I made a slew of these about 5 years ago and gave them all away. Well I made this one Friday and woke up to four inches of snow on Saturday. Perfect.

 7-9. Autumn by Jane Richmond and a little version called Autumn Leftovers. The big one for me, the little one for Beans.
Super Bulky yarn and big needles means 3 hats in 12 hours. 
Lets crack out some more for Christmas!

I made a blue one also and threw a big ass pompom on it... Hats love big ass pompoms. 
So do I for that matter.

 Here we are in our matching hats yesterday before the hockey game... it was about 28 degrees out... 

Happy December 1st!! 


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