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I need a little more structure in my personal life. Starting here. I love my blog, but it wouldn't know it because I've ignored it so horribly the past few months. So this past week I've been thinking about restructuring the content to give it more life and variety... Don't worry though, I know every once in a while you'll get a post where I go off on a tangent.

stash enhancements

It's early Sunday morning now, both dogs having woken me up ridiculously early on a Sunday are both sound asleep again in their respective living room beds, while I'm not away slugging back coffee and sorting thru the 357 million pictures I took of the PNW Yarn Crawl yesterday that Mary and I did from America's Knitting!

I have my favorite shops of course.
All the shops we visited were great.
There is a new one in Puyallup (pronounced: Pew-Al-Up)
Called My Yarn Heaven. What a great little shop. Excellent selection of yarn. Beautiful spaces to wander. Excellent natural light so you can see what the yarn color clearly is...
Bo, rescued last year looking so amazing this year
We went to Firwood Farms and spent some time with the alpaca's.
One who was rescued last year, and was very skittish and his fur was long and matted and he was so skinny, looked so amazing this year. He's been very well cared for and actually came to the fence and ate from my hand. Plus he's had a haircut and looks quite handsome.

Then there was Bandit and he loved my camera and the camera loves him...
Anyway, it was a full full day that started at 7:00 a.m. when I boarded the ferry to Kingston all the way till 7:00 pm when I boarded the return ferry home.

Happy Sunday


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