Operation PomPom: update

I'm at about 35-40, I need to give it a quick count and ultimately think 50 will he the final number.

Questions I get:
1. Why are you making so many PomPoms.
Answer: because my Bean loves them and her birthday is coming.

2. What are you going to do with them when you are done?
Answer: seal the box and wrap it up.

3. But why so many?
Answer: she's turning two. Simple things in excess are mind blowing to two year olds.

4. You know you could make a wreath, a garland, flowers...
Well yeah, I suppose I could and if I ever travel this PomPom road again I might...

(There is a PomPom rug in my future FYI)

5. That's all you're giving her?
Answer: she's two. She'll love it way more than the sweater I'm knitting her.

I once gave a one year a box of Tupperware and lids... Winning gift.

Mr. Brown is showing some concern regarding the pompoms.


Thea said…
Best kid gift ever. You are a genius!

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