Weekend Round-Up...

I remember when I got my first adult full time job.
I worked in a hospital.
You know what that means right?

Weekends, evening, afternoon, and night shifts.
Low man on the totem pole also meant every single holiday. Nothing perks up a Christmas shift like knowing Lutefisk is on the cafeteria menu.

I kid you not.
But I digress...

I so looked forward to the day when I could have an even more adult job that gave me the weekends off.
Working 9-5 Figuratively and hitting the weekend like a full fledged adult who could do what ever the want.

responsibilities? blah!
I'm a grown up, watch me sloth!

Those two luxurious days as portrayed in my own dreams of laying around the house, watching movies, snuggling with the dogs, in my sweats, no make up, possibly not even taking a shower on Saturday (scandalous!)

Now the weeks zip by and the next thing you know your weekend is here and BAM, you rip right thru it because you don't have time to be sloth-like. There is too much to do, to many things to see, experience, enjoy... you know for us Pacific Northwesterners, the sun. Nothing kills your weekend plans of working inside like a solid weekend full of sun.

Who needs to clean the toilets? The suns out, we're going out. Pop a clorox tab in that toilet and hit the road.

This past weekend was just a taste of what's to come this summer. It was jam packed starting Friday night and ending late last night.

Friday we celebrated my dad and uncle R's 75th Birthdays! So much fun to get together with family. However, I tend to get nervous in group situations and family group situations are even worse, so then I have a drink or three, and a glass of wine or four, and I tell my father, the die hard Washington Huskies fan that had I gone to school in Washington State I would have been a Cougar... GASP! It was a very fun evening though! Thank you again Uncle R and Aunt A for hosting the event!

Saturday I hit the road early for the PNW Yarn Crawl while D headed out and did bike ride around Camano Island and then had friends over for the fight... It must have gone smashingly because the 70 beer keg we put in the kegerator was empty. EMPTY.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful.
This day I was a bit more sloth like... knitting like a fool trying to get that damn *green beast finished.
Sunday night we headed to Seattle for The Phantom of the Opera at the Paramount. It was wonderful.

Today is D's birthday. He's officially 1 year closer to 50!
Happy Birthday D!!

*The beast is not finished.


Mary said…
But who's dog is that?
Carmel said…
It's my moms dog Pal... I took the photo last fall in MN
Kim said…
My friend Donna is starting that very same beast-Church Mouse on Bainbridge helped (enabled) her to purchase the yarn for it this past weekend when we were on the crawl! That crawl made my weekend and I ended up with lots of lovelies. Two out of the four of us in our car won $100 dollar prizes so it was a lucky day too. Love
I say--drop those tabs in the toilet as often as needed and enjoy the sun as much as possible-it was a gorgeous weekend for sure.

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