I have a slew of WIP's going on over here at the Casa de C.Knitter...

This is not breaking news I know.

However, there are three that have deadlines.

1. Lottie Cardigan for Beans. Her birthday is the end of the month, but she's turning two and she's not going to care that her cardigan that won't fit her till she's four isn't ready on her birthday.

2. Knit your own Boxer. This is for a friend. It's deadline is Monday. M-O-N-D-A-Y. I really, really, really need to get him finished and delivered by... MONDAY. Because he's going on a road trip.

3. Shaken or Stirred KAL Sweater. This deadline is June 30 and thus it's been pushed to the sidelines till 1 & 2 are completed and I can find the pattern with my notes written on it. #knitpartyfail

4. My birthday is coming up. So of course I cast on something for me. Not to mention a huge sack of yarn arrived for my birthday that's going to be a brand new cardigan for me! I'm dying to cast it on but I have to finish now... 1-4 before I can cast on #5...

It's a sickness I know.
I love the yarn
I love the possibilities that lie within each skein.
I love the colors.
The color combos!

I'll stop now.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you... The Green Soul Sucking Beast Poncho is off the needles waiting in the wings for a soak and a block... then we'll be to the griping point about seaming and picking up stitches. Let's make this WIP 6.

OOOH! Remember the journey two years ago where I had a molar taken out and thus began the implant process... well, 2 years and $10,000 dollars later my mouth is full of chiclets again. It's very weird.

ps that $10,000 number is no joke. That's a lot of wool money sitting in the back of my mouth who's main job is to masticate vegetables.



Pamela said…
Carmel - I know you can 'WIP it, WIP it good!'. We are so much alike. I love the possibilities in each skein as well. I also know the pain of replacement teeth. They want to put a bridge where I lost one 5 years ago - for $1300. Well, I'm thinking so far everything is fine, so until I become independently wealthy or some other tooth problem happens, I'll march on without the tooth. No one can tell just looking at me anyway.
Kim said…
Oh those pesky wips, getting in the way of new possibilities! I lost my very back molar a couple of years ago, and it is a good thing it is out of sight as there is no way I could afford 10,000! Yikes! I wish you and your new tooth all the best of luck and hope it will stay put for the rest of your life!
Carmel said…
Kim, my dental insurance didn't pay for anything really and I think there are places that do it for a lot cheaper, I had to have bone grafting and that tacked on $4,000.00 unexpectedly so it not on cost more it drew it out longer... the molar I had replaced was in the back but my mouth is pretty small so it was driving me crazy not having something there :)

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