Day 2: Carmel-by-the-Sea

morning walk 
Pacific Grove Graffiti
Literally, Carmel was in Carmel.

I know. I know. I'm the only one who finds this amusing.

I am easily amused.

Also, I think I can finally concede that I watch too much crime drama.
Also, I need to apologize to my mom for all those nights in high school I didn't come home at night.
The story about this is coming soon. It's just a bit to soon for me to re-live it again. :)

mom made a new friend at lunch. This is Garbo. She's the sweetest. Her  and mom have a special bond. 

After our run thru Carmel we headed back to PG. I strolled around town and visited Monarch Knitting (special post about that soon). I took some wonderful pictures around town. 
If you've never been to this area you really should visit. 

A shark sticker with my name in it... of course I bought it. 


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