The Gut Drop:

That feeling you get when you realize you may have potentially made an epic failure.
It could be just a rookie mistake but when combined with another possible mistake it becomes epic.

I'm a competent knitter.
I'm well schooled in calculating necessary yardage down to the last inch.
I'm a savvy online shopper.
I sometimes play it fast and loose with pattern reading.

I've never ever done anything like this though.

I'm knitting a baby blanket.
It's beautiful and bright and cheerful.
It's all things a baby blanket for a little girl should be.
It has varied texture for little fingers to touch and love.

Saturday night I got a niggling feeling that I had quite possibly miscalculated the necessary yardage needed for the contrast colors.

In fact I'm sure I did.

Not a huge deal. You can always buy another skein and no one will know but you. 

So I log in to my shopping account, look at my order to figure out exactly what colors I ordered so I can order one skein more each of the contrast colors.

First Clue I had done something wrong:
None of the colors I ordered were listed, which means they are probably out of stock.

Well that's horrifying but I can order more of the main color and just make bigger sections of pink right?

Uh-Huh. Let the delusion build a bit higher so the cliff drop is even fantastical.

I go back to my order and review some more and notice that there is a very important word missing from the yarn I ordered.



Could it possibly be?

So I go to the same wool in the non-superwash colors and BAM all the colors I bought are in stock in shocking amounts.

The sinking feeling gets worse.
The granola I ate just turned to a rock solid boulder in my stomach.

Could it be that I was so enamored by the colors I chose that I completely failed to realize and bought yarn for a baby blanket that WASN'T SUPERWASH WOOL?

I won't know for sure till I get home and check my labels but right now the odds are not in my favor.

I'm just going to take a moment here to rock in the corner...

Epic. F%&#ing. Failure.


Horrified Knitter Out.

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Mary said…
OH Carmel, I'm sorry! I don't have words...BUT, you are a fast knitter, and I know that you will figure something out. Let me know, I have tons of superwash in my stash, that green and pink aren't coming to mind, but I do have stuff.

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