WIP it Wednesday

It's trying to be a regular post but sometimes having this much going on gets, well, a little overwhelming/embarrassing.
Clockwise from the top:

Unicorn Barf patter by Kate Ray in Good n' Plenty colorway by Fancy Image Yarn.

Flora's Cap from Churchmouse Yarn & Tea. Angora Fibers In Seahawks colors.

Shaken or Stirred by Thea Coleman in Cascade 220 in navy.

Kidwarmers by Cari Luna in Birthday Party color dyed by Amanda of Amanda's Art yarn.

At least two of these are are coming to California with me...

The Cardigan because I have 3.5 weeks to make a huge dent if not finish it for our America's Knitting KAL! Then probably the cap, cowl, and leg warmers...

Yeah yeah
They're all coming with.
None will get knit.
I'll hit Monarch Knitting, probably lose my mind and start something brand new.

Don't act surprised.


Kim said…
Surprised? Never! We are all knitters here.... :)

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