Oh Black-Friday

I don't know about you but I am NOT a BlackFriday shopper.

Let's be honest, once thanksgiving is over I avoid the malls like they have the plague.

This is where my Amazon Prime account pays for itself and I crack out an amazing amount of knitting.

Are you avoiding the Black Friday shopping too?
Need a fun but maybe a little challenging project to work while nibbling cold stuffing, picking on the turkey, and listening to moans of happy over stuffed family? Well today's pattern is just for you.

It's the last one in the Preamble before Tuesday 12/1 when the 24 Days of knitting officially starts!

One Bourbon by Thea Coleman aka BabyCocktails.
Looks great on men or women.
Such a fun pattern to knit up! Maybe there are some skiing mountain men in your life that would like one of these for Christmas?

Pour yourself some bourbon, get out some worsted weight wool, and hunker down by the fire...

I'll be by the pool.


Thank you again to Thea for letting me use her photos!


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