Oh Red Eyes

I mean the flights, not what I look like after a night of no sleep.
I'm off to visit Mom for the Thanksgiving holiday and I leave tonight.

I love a red eye flight. Sleep all the way, well part way, this is two flight deal, arrive fresh and ready to start your next day!

Every time I'm about to go home, I start singing a little Ozzy Osbourne 'Mama I'm coming Home'

over and over and over again.

I know some of you have issues with spending Thanksgiving and Christmas in warm places, and I understand. There is something cozy about Thanksgiving with a fire going, roast turkey filling the house...

Mine will just have the slight hint of tropical jasmine wafting around with it...

Mama, I'm coming home!!!

I'll see you tomorrow!

Lets go play with the birds on the beach again!


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