One Frame to Rule Them All...

the frame on the far right with the rainbow, that's our wedding photo... this is about half of the frames we've collected over the years.
It all started 12 years ago.
In Waikiki Hawaii.
Dale and I got married on 10/6/2003
We accumulated a massive amount of ABC store points.

If you've traveled to Hawaii and shopped at the ABC Convenience stores you know what I'm referring too...

So at the end of the trip I had to use all those point.

So many receipts stacked up.
I quick gathered them all and ran down to the ABC store in our hotel.
I bought a necklace, a coffee mug, some more post cards and then I bought out wedding frame.

The cheesiest looking frame I could find.

So it began.

After that we would take a picture on our travels and buy a cheesy frame to put it in. 

The rules of the frame are simply.

1. Under 20.00, the cheaper the better really.
2. Has to be amazingly cheesy.

Our newest edition to the Cheesy Frame Collection. I love it.

Phoebe Marie Update:
It's been one month since we adopted her.
She's so sweet. So funny. Just wants a soft bed, delicious kibble with a dabble of canned food on top, toys to play with and someone to love her to bits.

Which we do.

She's done well in the few training classes we've made it too.
She met my father last weekend. First introduction since she's been with us and after the initial growling and barking, she warmed up to him and he really liked her.

How can you not fall in love with her. Even relaxed she has a little mischief in her eyes.

Sweet Phoebe.

Happy Friday!


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