24DOK Day 12&13: Oh Jerry!

I did it again.

I know.

I let Saturday get the best of me and forgot to post my knitting of the day for you!

We spent the day driving back and forth to Seattle.
In the morning we went down to check the boat and wipe it down a bit.

Then drove home.

At 12:30 we drove back down to see Act Theatre's production of A Christmas Carol. Really is my favorite play and I love the characters. This years Scrooge wasn't my favorite but that's okay.

Then we drove back home.

With a little stop at Arnies for happy hour!

I had a lot of Happy Hour!

Then this morning I went back down to Seattle. In slightly less higher spirits than the day before possibly due to too much Happy Hour.

For the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis. My company was one of the sponsors.

A quick stop for breakfast then I was back home.

Now I can get back to business and give you a pattern for your weekend, well what's left of it.

Jerry the Musical Monkey by the ever-so-clever Rebecca Danger

I'm a huge fan of clever toy knitting.
Between Mochimochiland and Rebecca Danger I have a library full of fun things to knit both here on Ravelry and in my actually knitting library at home. Rebecca has several books, and ebooks published that are all awesome! In fact, I just noticed that she has a selection of Christmas Knits. Check her out. Have fun.

No one says knit toys are just for kids.

Think how clever your friend will think you are when they open a box to find a knit Monkey ready to hug them!

I've made a couple Jerry's. One for my friends sons first birthday and for my nephew Bird four Christmases ago.

I knit mine in super-bulky yarn and he is a great size in that weight!
Long dangling arms and legs, perfect for hugs and swinging. His body makes a perfect TV time pillow.

Knit in pieces and only certain parts are stuffed, he knits up quick, and adorable.

He will make a great addition to any holiday, birthday, or other celebration.

Happy Sunday night.

I'm headed back to Seattle tomorrow.

As usual.


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