Oh Phoebe: An Update.

enjoying her Christmas blanket and tennis ball. 

It's hard to believe that it's already been two and a half months since we brought this little bundle of crazy energy home.

She's come a long way from the untrusting girl I picked up at Lillian's.

We've had some moments. Some learning moments.

Me learning how to react/respond to her.
Her learning that I'm not going to hurt her, nor will I let anyone hurt her.
She's met her vet and let him check her a little bit. That was a big step. Kudos to Northgate Veterinary Clinic for being so great with all our dogs from the first time we crossed the threshold.

We've learned that when Phoebe sees her reflection in the skylights she thinks there is another dog on the roof and proceeds to lose her mind.

checking for the dog that lives on the roof that she sees in the skylight

It was amusing for a while. I finally caved and closed the shades on the skylights Sunday. I honestly couldn't take it anymore.

We've been super careful about having people in the house because of her behavioral issues, especially with strangers, but on Christmas Eve we had 10-12 people for dinner and gifts.

if Phoebe is on the couch, no one is on the couch. 

After lengthy texts with Terrie of Washington Boxer Rescue we established a plan of action.

Planning for the worst allowed us all to have a great night.

Especially Phoebe.
She was growly and grumbly at first with everyone but everyone followed the 'rules' ignoring her unless she came near them and then they gave her a treat.

Next thing I know, she's loving up my friends son on the couch and looking for more handouts from everyone.

Christmas Day brought another milestone. Phoebe found a weak link in the fence line so to speak.
Of course the one side of the yard that doesn't go into a neighbors fenced yard.
I had been telling D for a while to check that part of the fence and Christmas morning when I saw her jump a branch back there I thought to myself 'well shit, there she goes'

post breakout. trying to look humble.

I imagine she was happy as a clam.

Me? Not so much.

this is not the outfit I chased her down in... 
If you can imagine, me, clad in my new capri Punjammies, fugg boots, white tank top, Mr. Rogers button down, fleeing down the back steps for the lower forty in the yard, not a sign of her in the greenbelt that leads to a busy street. No sign of her in the cul-de-sac that leads to the same busy street... as the heart attack was building I suddenly hear manic fast running coming up behind me.


She came when I called her. She circled me once, sat, let me leash her, praised her for coming back.
I made it back into the house before I collapsed in my chair in the living room.

The girl is fast.

neighborhood watch

So, all is well that ends well. Phoebe is doing great and we are practicing our training every day. Starting in January her and I will be practicing on the leash when we go for evening walks.

Mr. Brown is chugging a long. He's still the light of my heart.  I love my handsome boy. He enjoyed all the company on Christmas Eve, not to mention the teriyaki steak bites on the table...

Isn't he handsome. He's the loviest boxer ever.

What do you mean 'you ate all the turkey burger?'


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