ghost knitting...

Phoebe caught in the act of covering herself up...
I have a friend.
She's a pretty knew knitter.
She took on a project that, while it's not overly ambitious, the timing made it stressful.

New house
Moving the week between Christmas & New Years...

You know the anxiety you feel when someone you love picked out a project and they are expecting it and you just can't get it done?

Then the disappointment when they open their gift and realize it's not what you were planning on knitting them. *

Well that's where my friend was at.
Distraught she brought me the project to to rip out.

There is a new deadline for the project and she just doesn't have the time, plus there is a little project anxiety in there, to get it done.

Enter Me.

I cut the yarn and hooked the mohair lace and aran tweed up to my ball winder and went to town.
Re-cast on the stitches and I am well on my way to getting it done for her to gift next week.

I'm liking it so much I might make one for myself.

I also have a couple other secret projects that I'm working on for a couple friends and I'm excited to share them with you but I can't do that till I get the green light.

*FYI: If you ever express displeasure at what I knit for you, you can be sure it'll be the last thing you ever get. 

xoxo Knittahs! 


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