The Little Adobe 2016: Part 1

Mom and I arrived back in PG Saturday evening.
A quick hit at Nob Hill Grocery, a six pack of wine, some snacks and we were set.
We settled in quick enough. Had a glass three glasses of wine on the patio and then strolled down to the Beach House at Lovers Point for dinner.
The beauty of Pacific Grove and the Monterey Peninsula is hard to describe.
Good thing I am taking a slew of photos...

The house we found on AirB&B is so amazing. The owner, though we've only texted and emailed is wonderful. We talk often and it's mostly me gushing about how much we love her home. If mom and I ever bought a house in PG it would be one of these Adobes. Preferably this one.

Today? We're headed to Carmel-by-the-Sea... Carmel will be in Carmel.
Things that happen in Carmel
1. My name is everywhere.
2. I say 'what' a lot.
3. I always buy myself a shirt that I'll never wear

Here are some photos so far.... Enjoy

ps I love the hydrangeas in PG and the rocky coast line. You'll be seeing a lot of both over the next week...
pps I will be snapping a ton of stuff. If I learn how to finally use snapchat I'll start posting there otherwise you can seek me out on instagram (i went private on there again but please send a request and I'll accept if you aren't a troll) my snapchat is carmelknits but like i said... i don't know how to use it very well LOL


how beautiful is the color of this succulent. 


Mary Neill said…
Wish I were there! It looks amazing! How blessed you are to be there every year with your Mother!

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