All Good Things Must Come to an End.....

Sunday night. Is it the end of the weekend or the beginning of the week? I suppose it depends on how you look at it, and what type of calendar you use. I consider it the end of the weekend. Monday is the first day of the week. It's when everything starts. People go back to work, kids return to school, traffic picks up on the highways and at the local drive-thru coffee stands. One 20 ounce drip two extra shots one equal and a splash of half and half for me please. That's my daily order at the coffee stand. I'm glad it's now ordered as "can i just have my regular please?" it gets hard to say the first line over and over. I remember when my 'regular' barista went on vacation. It was a whole week of explaining my drink, I almost switched to a 20 ounce non-fat triple shot latte, oh yes, and don't forget the equal. But I've veered off topic. I was talking about things coming to an end.......I am almost done with sock number one of the Nasturtium pattern. I've enjoyed working on the first sock so much that I want to prolong it and wait to finish the toe, but I can't start it's mate until I do, well technically I could because I own more than one set of size two DPN's but that's not the point. It's not the first time in my life I've put off the end of something because I didn't want to face it. When the T.V. show 'Friends' came to an end I refused to watch the final episode. I think I finally saw it two years ago. I still cried. Knowing that the show had been over for at least 3 years by that point. The same thing happened with Buffy the Vampire slayer. When that show ended I put off watching the series finale for months until my husband finally made me sit down and watch it. I don't like things to end, it bothers me. If it's good, why should it end? I typically don't feel this way about a knit project. Usually I'm so excited to finish them and see how they look not to mention the reaction of the person on the receiving end that I work tirelessly to finish. More than once I've tried to give someone one sock while the other was on the needles because I was so excited for them to have it, see it, touch it. My friend Megan has nipped that little quirk of mine in the bud many times. I thank her for it, it really just builds the excitement for me. So, Sunday is the end of my week and Monday is the beginning. I don't like it when things end, but I do look forward to new things happening. Tomorrow, along with returning to the office, I will begin casting on for the mate to Nasturtium 1. I will make sure I graft the toe tonight before I go to sleep.

So, on the note of things being done, I did finish two things this weekend.

1. I took my Christmas tree down finally. My husband was thrilled as you could imagine.


2. I finished the fingerless gloves I knit for a friend of mine who attends college on the East Coast.

Gabby was in high form today. She lost her indoor ball. This is difficult because she LOVES her balls. If she loses one she turns into Lassie and will lead you to the well and expect you to jump in to retrieve it for her. By well I mean couch and jumping in is equal to laying on the floor while she crawls all over me and bends down to look under the couch at the same time just in case I don't see the fluorescent yellow ball all the way too the back of the sofa requiring me to get the broom and knock the ball back out.

Ball is free, all is well and she rolls it back under the couch. Repeat previous paragraph.
It usually ends with me taking the ball and putting it on the mantel, while she sits below it waiting for it fall.
So, Happy Knitting. Hope your week ended/started well.


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