The 'To-Do' list...

and by 'to-do' list I mean 'to-knit' list.

I'm really really trying to get on track with this list and stay deeply focused.
It has helped that I have successfully removed all yarn from the living room and into Mr. Brown's Yarn shop on the second floor. Except for the fact that I went in there the other day with a shopping bag and loaded up.

Currently in the sidelines to be finished
1. Ledge Trail Vest
2. Twiggy for me
3. 70 Yard Mitt for my other hand Finished those bad boys last night!

this is what happens when you use the 10s burst hands free option on your iphone and you're holding said phone with your chinny chin chin.

On the List:
1. Twiggy for a Christmas gift
2. Iris the Gourmet Monster but since it's for a boy I'm calling it Orvil.
3. Great White Shart Shark
4. Bosco - for me
5. Stillhouse Vest - for me
6. Woodsy - for me
7. Three Seahawk themed hats as gifts.
8. Gifts for friends...

and on
and on
and on

If you follow America's Knitting on Ravelry, or me on Instagram then you know that the 2015 Edition of the 24+ days of knitting is coming.


I have this so organized and laid out this year. I've already chosen most of the patterns, made a big list, then I put them on the calendar. Now all I have to do is remember to bring the calendar with me when I'm on the road so I don't leave you all hanging 


Mary Neill said…
You've got me all pumped - LETS DO THIS!
Carmel said…
I'm pretty stoked! I'm going to bring The second Twiggy Sweater on Saturday and probably yarn for the slew of 70 yard mitts I need to make :)

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