Dear Bean,

Thank you for the package that arrived yesterday in the mail. We love that you think of us on your foray's into the world of retail. We aren't easy to shop for because of our awkward shape. We want you to know that we appreciate how hard you work to find beautiful things to cover us in. We tend to sacrifice beauty for comfort because, well, it's embarrassing how hard it is to get things wrapped around us and how other parts are too short to peek through delicate openings. Yet, you have a knack for finding the perfect thing everytime. Comfort, beauty and fit. It's almost too much for us to take.
You've wrapped us in comfort and made us the envy of every couple out there walking around. The only other thing that does that are hand knits .
We bow to your greatness and humbly give thanks for your thoughtfulness.

The Feet.

P.S. Please send more shoes.......

These are quite fantastic by the way. I wonder if anyone can figure out what they are?
Have a good night.
Knitting update tomorrow......


Marcy said…
And Bean, we'd like some too!


Carmel's feets friend's feet

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