It's a Dirty Job......

And I'm glad my husband does it. Scooping the back yard. His only request is that I go out and keep him company during the yesterday I took some pictures of the dogs out in the yard as it was 60 degrees here. Quite warm actually. Gabby always takes this opportunity to try and convince one of us that we need to throw her ball for her. Actually I think the routine is, yard gets scooped and then my husband will go and toss the ball for her to catch. As soon as I get the video camera on my phone figured out I can post a video of that. It's really quite cute.

So I appreciate that my husband does this, especially since he wears these awesome boots with his shorts to do it in.....Are you wondering what my gross job is.......I'm not going to tell but it involves my neighbors bird feeders all along the back fence, what bird food attracts and great big traps in our crawl space........

In the top picture though it's hard to see Gabby has her ball with her. She is always prepared. Quintus stayed pretty close to me. He has some anxiety issues that are quite unique to him...He likes to be 'spanked' but he's afraid of the drawers in the kitchen. When the shovel comes out he stays where he can observe from afar. If I happen to not be outside at the time he usually prefers the upper deck.

Quintus won't push the gate open, again another unique issue, so he peeks as best he can to see what my husband could possibly be doing on the other side of it. Gabby (with the ball in her mouth) is waiting for him to come back in so they can play.
Well it's Martin Luther King jr. Day today and that has provided me with a long weekend. I'll take care of my 'disgusting' job and then probably finish up a few things here. I am going to wind the yarn for the Nasturtium socks today so that Marcy and I can start working on them tomorrow when we get back to the office.
My mother read the blog recently and has decided that I need to knit her some socks out of the angora valley monarch sock yarn for her, 'with a little ruffle on top please' was her request. Well I found the perfect color for her on their website. I'm not going to post it here because I showed her two and I want it to be a surprise. I also found the perfect pattern for her, I think Marcy and I might do that one together at the same time as well.
It's another beautiful day here again, beautiful enough to make you think of spring. The birds are making a racket which I love, I don't hear the ferry horn today but maybe it's not as busy during the week.
Have a good day
and as David Reidy from Sticks and Strings says
Carpe Lanam


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