I make lists. It's what I spend about 30 minutes of my day doing.
I have a list of knitting projects that I'm doing and one for what I want to do.
I have a list of yarn I have and yarn I want to buy.
I make grocery lists
I make a to do list for work, a to do list for home, and a to do list for in between, like all the places I need to stop and in what order.
You would think that with all these lists I'd be over efficient. If anything I'm the opposite. The lists are like a guide for me and what I need to accomplish. I have a list taped to my fridge that I made 3 years ago. This is a list comprised of things that I want to do in my lifetime. Seem daunting? Not at all. It's just a list. I revisit it every year and scratch off stuff I've done, add new things I want to do, and take off the stuff that sounded good at the time but after some review probably not a good idea for me, for example mountain climing. I have friend who loves to climb mountains, really big mountains. He makes it sound like so much fun, so I wrote on my list that before I die I want to climb a mountain. Then I looked at the pictures from his climbs, and I got dizzy. That's when I realized that with a fear of heights climbing to the top of a mountain was probably not in my future. The fact that I'm not a big fan of snow played in a bit too.

I think everyone should have a list of things they want to do in their life or just in a day. Lists give you a direction. There is no pressure to complete a task on the list, sometimes just the act of writing it down gives it shape, makes a big project look manageable. You don't have to complete the list. There is no set order in how it gets done. No one is judging you, there is no time limit, there are no rules or restrictions on what can be on the list. What it does is give you is a sense of accomplishment when you complete a task or achieve a goal.
I wanted to ride Seattle to Portland. In 2006 I crossed that off my list. That was a huge accomplishment, and one I'm planning on doing again this year.
Everyone should feel a sense of accomplishment every day. Even if all that's on their list for that day is getting out of bed. If you did it, cross it off.
Job Done.
In other news today: Marcy and I are progressing on our socks however...Marcy is having some trouble with her thumb. The doctor says stop knitting and she says 'yeah right, give me another alternative' well that alternative is a brace that immobilizes her thumb. However, she is still knitting and when the pain gets too much she puts it down, however reluctantly.

Here are pictures of where we are at right now.

As you can see we used beverage containers to display our progress. I have turned the heel and am now working on the gussett. It's moving a long quite quickly.

Marcy's colors are so great in this pattern.

Here is a picture of mine from above. The flat part at the top of the sock is the turned heel which is also the bottom of the foot. It's quite nice how the yarn stripes. However with the lace pattern that doesn't happen with the top of the foot.

Have a good night......

Go make a list.


Marcy said…
ahhh, we are so talented. and yes, i live by lists as well.

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