New Day.....

Yesterday was a bad day so I chose not to post as a precaution to writing inappropriate things, and as I would prefer to keep this clean, those of you who know me quite well know this will be a challenge, especially given my favoritism for certain swear words. However, the day ended well and that I will talk about.

Marcy and I started the socks. She had to rip back a row right away, I had to rip out the whole thing last night while watching 24. However I am now working on the heel flap of the first sock. The yarn is fantastic. I like the colorway that I chose and I would probably choose it again except that I won't do it with this sock pattern. I think it's better suited to a straight up simple short socklette, but I am enjoying the feel of the yarn, it's soft, springy and knitting up wonderfully. As soon as I get some pictures of Marcy's sock I'll post our progress.

Last night, since I decided I had to be at the office super early, I took my shower before bed, well, it didn't start out very well. I get in the shower (it's tub shower with a curtain) realize the water isn't at the scalding temperature I prefer, lean over to adjust it and I slip, shift right and fall backwards out of the tub and land on my arse. I'm not hurt, well maybe a little bruise on my arse, but my head hit my recently discarded clothes and I think the shower curtain may have broke my fall if only a little. Once the shock wore off that I had actually fallen OUT of the shower, it was pretty amusing. Probably had to be there but at the same time why would anybody have been there.

Because of my mood yesterday I skipped knitting class, deciding that it would be best if I was not in a group where everyone carried pointy sticks, I'll go on Sunday however and get some new pictures of the yarn dogs, Angus Beefcake and Fiona.

That's all I have for now, as soon as I get some pictures of the socks I'll post them but for now, how about a picture of.........Angus Beefcake

Happy Wednesday!



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