One of Those Days.......

It's been one of those days where 2 out of 3 things are right where I want them. The third thing? My husband isn't home from work yet. He always makes a bad day better, or at least funnier. However, if that doesn't work the wine comes in as a close second and if I drink more than that, well February Lady is going to have to wait till later. What is February Lady? Well Click the link and browse the beautiful blog of Flint Knits. After careful stash review I have enough yarn to make 4 of these delicious cardigans and am starting the first one in my deep charcoal as pictured above. The yarn is Lambs Pride worsted.

As you can see below, in the picture on the top, Marcy's finished her first Nasturtium sock and on the bottom, the cuff and heel flap of my second Nasturtium Sock. If you are interested in the pattern please let me know and I will send you the link to the designers blog. She has wonderful stuff on there.

The socks are coming along well. They knit up a bit big and we've both come to the conclusion that if we do the pattern again that we'll use size 1 needles (toothpicks), Marcy has to use metal ones because she holds her bamboo and wooden ones so tight she snaps them in half, and knit the pattern tighter, but overall I think we've both been quite pleased. Plus, as Marcy has said, they may shrink a bit in the wash. One thing I've learned about 'shrinking in the wash' the things you want to shrink won't and the things that can't always will, years after they've been washed and dried 50 times with no issue......just pointing that out.......

We do have another sock picked out to do next but we are going to wait a bit. Marcy has a second sock to finish from a skein she has been working on and stopped to knit these, plus she is also going to be starting February Lady, along with her daughter Michelle (if she likes the pattern), my niece, Lauren at So Much Yarn , as well as 3,756 users on Ravelry.

If you are a knitter then you should be on Ravelry. It's an amazing site for knitters. You can log your stash, you can que your projects you can display what you are currently working on, yarn, needles etc...and say you have 20 balls of delicious cascade 220 pink worsted weight wool in your stash and no idea what to do with it....well go onto ravelry and see what everyone else is doing with it. All the cool knitters are there. If that doesn't work for you join an online group. I'm a member of the Knit List . There are some amazing people on the list and I have learned so much just by reading the emails/posts that everyone puts up. You do have to have a Yahoo account but most people do and if you don't it's free.

I think this is going to be perfect for February Lady, don't you? Well, perfect for the first one, remember I have enough yarn to make 4 in varying colors.

Gabby, found her 'indoor' ball and instead of having her keep losing it under the dresser while I worked on the blog, I took it from her. She has patience when it comes to something she loves as much as she does her ball....

That's all for now, Happy Knitting and may you all enjoy a big glass of wine and not drop a stitch!



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