Quick Bites

The second socklette of the Stose Socklettes

Below you will see the first Stose Socklette size 5 1/2 as compares to my size 10.

God bless friends with little feet, hand knit socks go so much faster.......

My friend Marcy and I are going to be doing a group project, also known as a knit-along of a sock pattern called Nasturtium that I found here.. http://throughtheloops.typepad.com/through_the_loops/

What a great site. The yarn is from http://www.angoravalley.com/ and the colorway is appropriately named, NASTURTIUM.... The project starts on Tuesday during our lunch break.. as it progress' I will post pictures of my sock and Marcy's.

Here is a delicious wool that was given to my by my sister-in-law for Christmas, it came with 3 others just like it. I hit Ravelry today to see if there was a scarf pattern that would strike my fancy, there wasn't an actual pattern but a member on there had knit up a scarf that was exactly what I was looking for so she said that she would write it up for and I can look for it tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about that.....

Other than that, the rest of the weekend will be devoted to organizing my office (still) and the stash.....knitting as much as I can...spending time with my husband and dogs, oh yes and getting this blog set up the way I envision it.......

Happy Friday


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