Trouble.......with a capital kniT

I'm in Trouble...

(this picture was taken on Lopez Island in the San Juans

we've done many bike rides on this island. Tour de Lopez is a blast)

Marcy decided that she didn't like the colorway she chose for her Nasturtium socks and so she ripped it out and chose this color from her stash instead.....she'll get back to us on what the exact color name is

What I do know is that it's a lovely, soft blend of greens and creams, nice and springy like the Monarch and is knitting up in the Nasturtium pattern so nicely. But this is from Blue Moon,, if you click the link and then click colorways you'll see where the trouble comes, HOW do you decide which colorway you want to knit with? The desire is to buy one of each, the knitting budget, especially now that my stash is in plain view, has been I need to create a wish list......for those of you who are interested in things I want.... i'll create a special wish list post. All the yarns on Blue Moon have fancy names for them and a lot of what I like is because of name first, colorway second... it's also a method I've used when choosing say, wine to drink with dinner, I have also used the 'pretty picture on the label' method for choosing wine, I strongly advise against either method as it can be well offensive to a persons pallette. However with yarn, knitters, dyers, and spinners are whimisical and creative creatures so it's pretty safe that if you base your choice on a name you'll get something good. Wine, not so much, I have made some really bad choices for a very cool name....and been tricked by a pretty label......

Here is my Nasturtium sock so far. I tried to stretch it on a lotion bottle so you could see the fancy's my first so it's not nice to point and laugh at it....

(<----Fancy Lace Work :))

And here it is after a productive lunch today!! Heel flap is almost done and I will most likely be turning the heel tonight while relaxing with my husband....

Tobias my armless knit doll is helping almost makes me want to add arms so he looks like he's holding the needles but I'll try to keep the insanity to a minimum tonight.

This is the Heel Flap, almost ready to turn like I said above and start shaping for the gussett/body of the sock. The dogs are being feisty since I'm home after being at work for 8 hours. I think they sleep most of the day which I suppose is good for them, sucks for me because I tend to enjoy sleeping at night and they want to play, outside of course.

It's still foggy here again, I can hear the ferry horn blowing which I enjoy. I'm also getting ready to cast on for my next big project. I bought the pattern on line a couple weeks ago through Interweave knits and in a moment of madness ordered 12 skeins of a beautiful Lambs Pride Deep Charcoal to knit the sweater in from Webs yarns store, I've bought a few different yarns there that my LYS (Local Yarn Store) doesnt' carry and I have always been really happy with the service. However, after some deliberation and review I don't think the Aran cable pattern will show through with that yarn and have decided that it's time to use up the 22 (makes me dizzy to admit that i have that much) 22 skeins of Cascade 220 pale pink yarn that I bought for another project and didn't find it a suitable fit. I think for the Tweedy Aran Cardigan by Nora Gaughan, here is the link to the pattern, it's really lovely and I'm excited to work on it.

At the same time Marcy and I are planning a little escape to a fiber arts festival in February. I've invited a couple other friends along as well so that should be fun.

Well I think this might be quite long enough for today, besides I have to stop Quintus from gutting Gabby's current favorite 'baby', the tail is off already!!

I take that back, not only did he take the tail off Gabby's 'baby' he apparently ate some of the foam from under his bed so I need to find some paper towels and carpet cleaner to clean up what he left for worries, no pictures of that.....instead, enjoy the angelic face of my boy when he's not breaking the rules :)

Happy Knitting.....



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