Fiona, taking a nap on the blanket made for my husband.

Happy Friday!

I first need to thank Marcy for fixing the sock for me. Who knows what I was thinking and the fact of the matter remains that once I pulled the needle out I knew I was screwed. I am terrible at picking up stitches and I hate, HATE having to rip anything back. Thank goodness for Marcy. I sent her a text last night and she fixed it this morning. Back on track and almost done with the toe. I've decided that these will be a gift. The recipient is still up in the air but they will be put in the mail probably when I return from the Magic Kingdom.
I am working out in my head the basic design for Meglettes Kerchief. I hope to have it started and finished before I leave town but of course I've started another project on top of every thing else. So should we list what I am currently working on? I think not. We'll stick with what I've talked about and as each one gets crossed off we'll have a celebration.
What did I add? I cast on last night for Fascinate a scarf by Berroco that was listed in their free patters last Friday.

Here is the Fascinate scarf. It goes against everything you learn in beginning
knitting. In beginning knitting the first few classes are about teaching you the
stitches and how to pick them up if you drop them. This scarf is all about
dropping them. I'm loving it though.
As with any website that has patterns on it, like Ravelry, Berroco, LionBrand, etc., I could spend hours, and have spent hours literally surfing through them looking at what's out there. Ravelry is my favorite because there are so many knitters on the website it blows my mind. Not only are there knitters on there, there are designers, and bloggers, crocheters (sp?) And you can look and see what everyone is doing, what your friends are marking as their favorites you can look at and go 'oh yeah' I'm totally going to make that. Hello February Lady, that's where I found it, and Along with 3954 other people on Ravelry I'm knitting it. The best part is looking at the pictures that everyone has posted of themselves in the sweater and being able to see how it fits. I can look at it and make a note that I'm going to have to make the yoke longer, I'm a bit chesty and if I make the yoke the specified length the Ta Ta's are going to be divided in half and instead of wearing a sweater that looks good, I'll be wearing a sweater that looks like I borrowed it from someone a size smaller. I can also note that I don't want the sleeves to go past my elbows. I'm not a big fan of the 3/4 sleeve length. Either all the way down or stop at the elbow. When I wear a 3/4 length shirt I always feel as if I need to pull my sleeves down.
I am probably going to ramble a bit tonight, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to write something inspiring. If that doesn't work, Gabby has an appointment at the vet for shots. That should be fun. She walks in Grumbling at everyone and gets us into a room right away and scares the techs. I'll see if I can get some pictures, maybe even a video. While I may bring my knitting with me it doesn't seem likely that I'll get it done. I always give a disclaimer that you should expect dog hair in my knitted gifts but for whatever reason my dogs produce more hair at the vet that falls out in clumps. Truthfully you would think that they would be bald by the time we left, but they come out still full of hair, mean while I'm covered in all that fell out along with the nervous slobber that gets produced. :)
Well as far as Marcy's Nasturtium sock goes, she has promised pictures of it to be sent to me over the weekend along with some other socks that she is working on. I managed to snap a few pictures of Wilma's latest scarf. If you remember from a couple posts back Wilma is one of our beginners. She is doing quite well and having a blast at the same time.

This is Wilma's next scarf. I positioned it on the plant at Joannes desk. It's
such a soft yarn. It's going to feel great around whoever gets to wear it.

Well that's about it for me tonight. Hope everyone is thrilled with the day they had and looking forward to creating great things tomorrow!!!



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