Happy Monday.....


1.The Super Simple Short Nasturtium sock in Berrocco comfort is moving along quite well. Just working on the decreases.

2. I frogged (ripped out) February Lady for me, Clearly after 2o rows I was doing the increases all wrong because I had no decorative increase what I had looked like.....complete crap....so I'll take it to class tomorrow and see what I'm doing wrong.

3. Mom went to a hot spring in Arizona with some friends of hers, this is what I pictured when they told me about it, this is what it actually is...Well i can't find pictures but those of you who remember bugs bunny and friends, picture yosemite sam cooking 'rabbit soup' and as far as what a hot spring is, well I found some really nice ones and based on what I was told by mom this morning, they might as well have gone to Mexico and drank 8 glasses of water and sat on toilet seats. :) Happy Birthday!

4. Moms Birthday was yesterday

5. Marcy, oh Marcy. I think the nasturtium pattern was wrong for her from the begining. As soon as she started knitting it things went wrong. The yarn didn't work, her thumb got all wonky and is now encased in a brace. Then she could only knit at night. Finally she finished her first sock and started her second only to discover she had.....distributed her stitches wrong starting with the heel and had to RIP the whole thing back to the begining of the heel. So disappointing, here is her quote for today...." it is very imporant when dividing stitches for the heel that you pay attention to which needle you are designating as the 'instep'. Otherwise, you make a lovely heel (with nary a hole in sight), only to discover that the beautiful heel has the extra two stitches that you need for the instep pattern. Crap!" Well put.

It goes right along with this quote I read the other day. "make sure when you read before doing the pattern that it's easy to understand. Also make sure that after you knitted the sock that it fits your feet." I apologize that I don't remember who wrote that but it is sage advice. Of course I typically make sure the sock is going to fit before I finish it......I've been screwed before.

6. It's Monday. The news can't get much better than that.

7. Also it's "microbrew Monday" at Famous Daves BBQ in Everett, for those of you who are local, don't stop reading here because I put this in for a reason.....
I point this out for 2 reasons.
1. when we asked last Monday what microbrews were on tap we were told Coors, Bud, and Bud Light...I know, take a deep breath... we questioned the waitress and didn't get much resolution, even after we sent her to the bar for more clarification...
2. We now celebrate 'macro' brew monday and order Stella instead laughing ourselves silly about the 'microbrews'.......hey maybe microbrews have become so popular that the domestics are quivering in the thin little tins.
I also want to note, that I love that the websites for the aforementioned beers makes you enter your age before entering. As far as I can tell you can't order beer online through the website but they still require you to be 21. This may require further investigation as to why..... Maybe a review of 'microbrew' websites is in order.
So, there you have it. News for monday, it's really nothing important but it's also something you'd never find in the newspaper.

If this wasn't what you were hoping for, I hope at least you enjoyed the pictures.
Now, I must skuttle downstairs and get dinner started......(well reheated anyway)
Have a good night.
Remember, Tuesday there is no post because of class but I'll a fresh one for everyone on Wednesday Evening.


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