In Love again.....

Gabby, adopted from Washington Boxer Rescue in 2005

I haven't touched my Linen Stitch Scarf since Christmas. I don't know why. I just became disenchanted with it. Well that all changed today. I stayed home today because Gabby, my lovely little rescue boxer who showers us with love and vet bills, woke up at 1:30 a.m. and looked like Rocky Balboa after a fight with a Russian. Both eyes puffed up, swollen, goopy and almost sealed shut. Well I don't have to be a vet to know that this isn't a good thing. However she seemed okay at the time so I thought I'd wait and see how she was when I woke up for work. Not any better. Sent a message to our friend Lillian, she called at 7:00 we went down there....long story short, she has conjunctivitis......Excellent. She's doing fine now but has some stuff to take to help. So I stayed home from work today to take care of all of this. Well I'm at a point in February Lady where I need to make another button hole and I forgot how so I had to put that off till class tomorrow night, so instead I grabbed the linen stitch scarf out of the bag. It's so beautiful. I love this scarf. I'm going to finish it in time for next winter. I'm going to try to be optimistic and say I'll have it done for when I fly to Italy with my mom so I can be styling for our day in Milan but I don't think that will happen. Then Linen Stitch Scarf is a brainchild of Laurens from So Much Yarn. It's brilliant. We figured in class that you get about one inch knit per hour. It's a good travel project. It's not mindless and the way the yarns weave together keeps you enchanted and entertained.

Cascade Bicycle Club Bike Expo is coming up soon. They have a huge Bike Expo and they also have a photo contest. Last year I received an honorable mention, I like to call it fourth place but you tomato Isay tomahto. This year I'm entering again. I get nervous doing things like this. I don't like putting myself out there, exposing myself and something I love to do, opening it up for other peoples opinion. I love to take pictures. Almost as much as I love to knit. My camera phone gets more use as a camera than a phone. My digital camera always has at least 150 pictures on it. It thrills me when I walk into my brothers house, or visit him in his office and see pictures that I've taken on display. Just like it thrills me when I see the things I've knit for people being worn. So, because I hate putting myself out there, I'm going to do it, because it helps me grow, right? I like to knit things for people but then I get nervous right before I give them away because what if they don't like it. I only think one person hasn't like what I knit, and maybe it isn't that they didn't like as much as they had absolutely no appreciation for the time and work that went into it. I came to this conclusion because I found the knit item crumpled on the floor of their house. I almost snatched it back and ripped out every stitch but I just crossed them off the receiving list. La-Ti-Da.......*swish of a pen*
I'm going to enter the show again this year because it's good to put myself out there, even though I'll need a bottle of mylanta the day I turn them in and the weekend of the show. But somebody is going to walk by one of my pictures and stop and say, that is and excellent picture and if I'm lucky, I'll overhear it. That will be enough.

Somewhere between Dozza and Ferrara Italy

Someday, someone's going to look at me knitting and say, 'wow, that's amazing! I'm going to learn how to knit beautiful things just like you, what an inspiration', for now though, I'll accept that mostly only my family likes my pictures and people will constantly wonder how i find the patience to sit and knit........and I'll look at them and say, as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has said, "what do you do while you wait for the doctor?"


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