Nasturtium Complete....Berrocco Comfort just beginging

See Below? That is the finished pair of Nasturtium socks. I posted on my Facebook page that I had finished and was asked whether I actually wear the socks I knit. Absolutely. Not only do I spend a lot of money on the sock yarn, $21.84 for this pair, I spend a lot of time knitting them up. I believe i've given 3 pairs aways. The Stose Socklettes, Megan's comfort socks, as she has come to call them, and I knit a pair for my husband while we were in Minnesota for Christmas.
Some people love to wear them, some people don't. I know people who would prefer to knit them than wear them. There are many different methods to making them as well. Magic Loop, 2 circulars, and the method I prefer, double point needles. Looks like you're knitting with super long toothpicks but it's traditional, it's comfortable and easy to transport. I almost always have a sock on needles while I'm doing other projects. That being said, I typically have 5 or more projects going at the same time. It really just depends on what kind of mood I'm in and, more importantly, if I've poured myself a glass of wine or not.
Knitting and wine seem to go hand in hand in a way. They can both be expensive hobbies. I mention it as a hobby because I know people who are wine collectors, and really haven't purchased a bottle under 30 dollars in years. While my taste in wine may be very cultivated my budget for wine is not. I'm not saying that I'm unscrewing a bottle of NightTrain to serve with dinner each evening but I tend to lean toward the 10-20 dollar bottles of wine. It's a budget thing, and you can find some really nice bottles in that price range. *I apologize for the web link that NightTrain takes you too but really what would you have expected.*
The trick to knitting and drinking wine is to make sure that the more you drink the easier your project becomes. Which is another reason to have more than one project. So far tonight I've only had a glass and a half but I'm pretty sure that if I have more February Lady is going to have to be put down, lest I miss an increase and have to rip back. So I'll start working on the heel of my latest sock. I can probably screw that up and as long as it's not a gaping hole I'll be pretty comfortable with the mistake.
So, while it's okay to Drink and Knit, I advise choosing something simple that you won't mind ripping out if the martini's start flowing.

As I said above, I'm done.
It's the I've ever knit a sock. I was ready to graft the toe last night but I was at my mother-in-laws at the time and for whatever reason I can't seem to think of I didn't bring my needles to graft the toe. Well that's okay because it's grafted now, ready to go into the washer and dryer and I'll wear them to work tomorrow. (note, since Rob made a remark about whether I wear them or not I'm wearing the socks on Wednesday)

I will of course have to wash them after Quintus rubbed his nose all over them....
I have of course cast on for another pair. I'm going to mix two patterns and see what I get. I am going to mix Super Simple Short Socks with Nasturtium. So basically what I'll do is the 5 rounds of ribbing then turn the heel and when I begin the gusset I'll pick up the pattern for Nasturtium.

So, tomorrow I'll take some more pictures of Marcy's sock and then I'll let everyone know for sure what our next group project will be.
Happy Sunday Evening,
May whatever team you're rooting for win the SuperBowl!


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