Three New Things.....One with a Money Back Guarantee....

I did it. I finished my first pattern that I made up myself, with a lot of inspiration from Half-Assed knits. I love her headband but I wasn't happy with the way I was knitting it so I made up my own style. Thank you randomcyn. IT turned out pretty great to. I'm excited for Megan to get it and see what she thinks. I'm going to make another one because once I got moving on this one I stopped writing down what I was doing. Megan, I'll put it in the mail tomorrow so you should have it by Wednesday :) It's your duty to take a picture and send it to me. :) It has to be on your head too.....
Second new thing? I finally bought the new Nickelback cd, Dark Horse. I love Nickelback. The disturbing kind of 'if I was younger and had less morals i'd be a super groupie kind of love'. I know, disturbing......I feel much the same way about Simple Plan. (my husband is probably reading this and shaking his head)
The third? The third is the money-back guarantee. I have told my friends that I will try to not post the same pictures on my Facebook page that I post here but I can't help it with this one. I find it so amusing. I think I sent it to a bunch of you already via our cell phones. I had to go buy new underwear today, and this is what I question is thongs come with a money back guarantee?

the best part is the 'wedgie free' it doesn't bet better than that!

Marcy finished her socks. They are too big for her, but she
promised a group
shot of both of our socks tomorrow so I'll post that after
the gym :)

Gabby went to the vet as promised. No incidents till the end. For whatever reason she went freaking bezerk when two beagles came in. I have the scratches on my feet to prove it. Thank goodness she didn't mess the pedicure........I have Frodo feet so you only get a shot of my big toe with what appears to be a dog hair stuck to it. :)


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