This is what's left of Quintus' bunny. I called it BunBun. It was quite cute
when it was a whole bunny.........

When preparing for a vacation the common person will ask you what you are
packing to wear, read, or generally bring with you. If you are a knitter and you
know the person going on vacation is a knitter you ask them what project(s) they
are bringing. Clothes are typically an after thought. You definitely want to
make sure you have some, especially a change of underwear, but i know some
knitters that will spend more time planning what project(s) to bring rather than
clothes. Not to mention finding yarn shops at their final destination for a
little wool therapy.

So here it goes. I'm limiting myself because I do have a reasonable expectation that I'll be tired at the end of each day. We're going to DisneyWorld. Back to packing. What I've finally narrowed it down to are 4 projects.

1. February Lady, I'm on a roll with this, as are 4,058 ravelry members who are also making it or have finished. It's working out pretty well. I now am confident that I can make the fancy button hole for it without cursing out loud and tossing the whole shebang across the airplane. The buttons aren't sewn on yet but don't they look nice? Yes, I stash buttons as well as yarn....

2. Linen Stitch Scarf, again, I'm on a roll with this one again. I'm not going to post a new picture of it's progress because even though I'm on a roll progress is slow, which makes it a good project for when you are confined.

3. Super Simple Short sock with the Nasturtium Twist. I still have to graft the toe shut on the first one and cast on for the second but it's coming with me anyway. (i have no picture for this, it's all the way downstairs and I don't feel like getting it right now so you'll just have to wait for the finished pair)

4. I'm going to start a new headband. I found some delicious Rowan denim in a box mom sent me. I'm going to write this one down all the way through, I've already packed the graph paper and pens. I promise when we return, I shall have a pattern written up for it.

I am also bringing my book, and a journal for me to write blog entries into, I'm not promising they'll get posted but at least I'll have ideas. I thought about setting up a twitter page but that didn't get accomplished. For my friends on Facebook you'll have to settle for mobile uploads and everyone else, I'm going to leave you hanging for a week and a half.

So, on that note, here are a few happenings for you to hang on to.

1. Madrona Fiber Arts Festival is this weekend in Tacoma, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee will be there, shopping, I don't think she's scheduled to give a talk. According to her blog, she's working on Sock Summit 2009.

2. February 20th and 21st. St. James Cathedral is doing their concert Great Music for Great Cathedrals. Joanne will be performing in it. It's quite fantastic and if you are in the area you should attend. Click on the Great Music link and it will take you to the tickets page.

3. So Much Yarn, my LYS, is not closing as we all dreaded/thought for the past 3 months. Instead, Lauren is moving to a new location. We are all super thrilled, especially since a few of us were in denial refusing to believe that our crack factory was going to be taken away from us. As soon as I have more information on the new locale I'll post it for all to see and revel in.

4. Here is Marcys new sock. It's BlackRose from Knitty in Just Right Red from Blue Moon Fiber Arts

So that's it, I'm out for a while and I'll see you all back in about a week.

Happy Knitting


Marcy said…
Just an FYI - Stephanie is teaching several (already full to capacity) classes at Madrona. But she is available for the lovely, but kind of scary, stalking we have all been known to do!
Anonymous said…
Have fun!!!!!! See you in a week. Your knitting student Paulette.

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