According to the Calendar Spring is just around the corner.....

Want to tell that to the weather man?
It's March 9. We are located in the Pacific Northwest, snow isn't an every year occurrence and this year it's occurred way to much for most of us. We don't drive well in snow, secretly I don't think most of us drive well at all but that's another conversation. My friends in the Midwest are going to laugh at me when I say this but, two inches of snow literally delays if not closes schools in the area. I hate being stuck home because of the snow. It happened right before Christmas. Massive storm hit the Seattle area and I was stuck at home.
Well I left work early because north of Seattle was getting hit pretty good this afternoon, of course as soon as I pull into my driveway at 1:54 p.m. the sun comes out and all the snow on our street melts clear, well almost clear, away. Now they are saying that it's supposed to drop to 22 degrees tonight or even lower, record lows, you'll see that if you click on the weather man link tonight. We don't drive well in the snow, tomorrow morning driving on ice is going to look like a drunken performance of Swan Lake.
On the upside it gave me some extra knitting hours tonight.....I won't ever complain about that. I worked more on Hey Teach and I am at a point where I need Lauren at So Much Yarn. I'm not real comfortable with lace and that's where I'm at on the back of the sweater.

I received a text Message from Marcy last night. She too has apparently put February Lady aside for the time being. Well maybe it's just not the right time for us. She's going to finish her Black Rose socks in just right red and I'm going to work on my Super Simple Short Nasturtium Socks and then continue working on my Christmas sweater, knit in my first cashmere yarn bought at Tricoter, another LYS in the Seattle area. But first, my goal is to finish Hey Teach and have it finished by April 2. Seeing as I'm flying off to Parma Italy April 4 I would like to be able to wear it there......So if that's my goal I should be knitting and not writing on here but as I stated above I'm stuck and I need Lauren.

In the meantime I also have the Fascinate Scarf that was a free pattern on Berrocco a few week back. I'm enjoying that as well. :)

So, here are some pictures I just fired off really quick, along with the demise of February Lady, Again, my apologies to Flint Knits, I do love your sweater and I'm sorry I was unable to make it through at this time.......I'll try the smaller version and see how that goes before I commit to that many stitches again.

for those you of you who don't know, this is what I wear when I am downstairs watching a movie and want to knit. Yes, it's a climbing light and yes, I strap that thing to my head. It's adjustable and it works perfectly. In fact, this one is brand new since I wore my old one out.
Good Night.
Drive safe in the morning........


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