Marcy and I are enablers. Yarn pushers. Dealers in wool and free patterns. We tease you with something elegant and fabulous and convince you that you too should learn to knit....Socks.

It was a regular lunch day in the business office, Marcy and I quietly working on our lovely Twinkleberry socks in our fabulous Blue Moon yarns, when Joanne and then Paulette said, "we want to learn to knit socks". I'm pretty sure that they didn't know what was coming out of their mouth. As soon as it hit Marcy's ears and mine alike I think a symphony struck up playing something inspirational because we both began mentally going through our needle and yarn stashes trying to figure out what yarn to start their sock lessons. Marcy came up with some very nice blend from cascade, has a spilch of cashemere in it, and I came up with 100% wool cascade 220 for Joanne.

All they said was, we want to learn to knit socks and then what do you know. They arrive at the office and sitting on their desks are a set of double point needles and a ball of yarn. Enablers, you mention you want to knit, I'll bury you in wool, needles and patterns. Think you can't do it? I'll prove you wrong. Anyone can do it. Everyone should try it. It's a little vacation on Wool Island in the sea of endless opportunity. You can, and I have seen proof, knit anything. Just Google knitting patterns and stand back.

So with that being said, here are the little temptresses themselves that have drawn 2 more sock knitters into our fold.

My Twinkleberry knit in KawKaw by Blue Moon. These are for my mother and I am hoping to give them too her on our trip to Italy. Don't worry I'm not ruining a surprise, she's seen a few of these pictures already. We have a hard time keeping secrets in this family.

Marcy's Twinkleberry in Muddy Bottom Breakdown by Blue Moon. I love this colorway. Who am I kidding, I love all of their colorways. Go to their website, click the link, look at it all, you'll die, right after you max out your knitting budget.

Ahh yes, my finished Super Simple Short Socks. turned out quite nice. Do you like my background?

My yarn had an accident.

Joannes first sock. Light Pink Cascade 22o from my stash of 22 balls. :) She's just working on the leg now.

and here is Paulettes beautiful green sock in a Cascade yarn as well but I'm not sure the blend or colorway. Marcy can give that information in the comments or I'll follow up on Monday.

It's raining right now and they've dared to hint at snow for the weekend again.

Gabby has lost her tennis ball under my desk so I have to fetch it for her before she cries harder than she is right now.

Have a good night all.

Happy Knitting.


Marcy said…
Cascade Cash Vera in a color that remains a mystery!

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