It's a process that has an end result......

And it starts with these guys here..........They grow the wool.

After the sheep get a hair cut there is a whole process that I'm unfamiliar with but it starts with Roving and Carding, and then you spin it onto bobbins and then ply it, give it it's final twist, and I know somewhere in there you dye it or hand paint it which is really spectacular and you end up with this at the store.

You see it, you touch it, you quickly pull out your wallet and voila, you have 5 new projects ready to go. (these are called hanks, and unless you want to be an angry knitter you don't want to try and knit with the yarn in this form)What do you do when you get it home? Well that's the next picture.

you untwist it and then put it on your swift like so...

connect one end to your ball-winderand then wind it up so it looks just like these balls here.

this is a fine example of what you don't want to happen. I put it on the Swift wrong and I am now on day 4 of unraveling it.

Once you have your ball all wound, then you can knit it into a pair of socks or into a delicious scarf.

this is the linen stitch scarf i am working on from So Much Yarn made from 2
skeins of sock yarn. It's pretty fabulous!

That's how I do it.


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