Right Where I Left it.....

It was a normal morning. I was a bit behind, drank my first cup of coffee in the shower, packed lunches, got dressed, yadda yadda yadda. I was meeting a friend for drinks tonight after work and wanted to bring my photo album from Disney World to show her. I also, if you all remember yesterday's little meltdown, had to bring Hey Teach in to work for Marcy to look at and fix, AND while she was doing that I was going to work on my Monster Scarf. One more cup of coffee, load up my large knitting bag, grab my lunch bag, purse, phone, keys and out the door I go. Stop at Whidbey Island Coffee, purchase my 20oz drip two extra shots one equal and a splash of cream please, and ooh let me get that new travel mug you have there, I could use a new one. (not really and I'm sure D is going to give me the hairy eyeball for the purchase, but the mug was pink and it hypnotized me.) Pull out, get on to I-5 heading south, and then something goes off in my head. CRAP, I forgot my lunch. Oh well, not a big deal but still annoying that it's sitting on the counter instead of the seat next to me. Take a sip of coffee, say nasty things about the driver in front of me, perk up as the express lanes come into view, get into the express lanes and proceed into downtown Seattle. I'm running a bit later than I want, but I roll into the garage at 7:25 a.m. enough time to grab my goods and run upstairs to clock in. I look to my right to grab my purse and knitting bag and see........my purse (which is a good thing) and my blue lunch bag. Knitting bag is no where to be seen. Did I leave it at the coffee place? No, not possible, it's a drive through coffee hut. I left it at home. I had a brief moment of panic, followed by a 2 second conversation on how I would justify driving 45 minutes back home to get said bag. That wasn't going to work and I had to get to work. Run upstairs, still a little panicked at the thought that 1. Marcy wouldn't be able to help me with the sweater and 2. that I had nothing to knit during lunch today, or while I waited for my friend to show up for drinks. Double Crap. I see Marcy in the hall and she, as good knitting friend does, starts trying to think of things to do. Can I call Joanne at 7:30 a.m. and ask her to bring me something, no, she's not a morning person, i'd be asking for it if I called her. (no offense Jo but I only talk to you before ten if it's an emergency) Does Wilma have that big bag I gave her a couple months back at her desk still? No. Doesn't Paulette have some extra yarn? No. Will Dennis (Marcy's super awesome husband) bring a spare skein and some size 2 dpn's and I can start a pair of socks? Nope, Dennis is at work, but I hold onto the belief that if he wasn't working and Marcy asked him he would do it, like I said, he's Marcy's super awesome husband. What about Marcy's daughter? Nope, she worked late the night before, but being the fabulous knitter she is, understands the need to have yarn and would have also done if she didn't have a sick daughter and not enough sleep the night before. It's a bit calming to have everyone rally around you and try to fix the problem. I posted on the KnitList, made a vent, suggested that yarn stores in Seattle offer a delivery service for times like these, then began the debate of running to So Much Yarn at 10:00 when they opened, calling ahead of course and asking them to grab any sock yarn and dpn's, wind it please and I'll run in pay for it and be on my way. Well that wasn't feasible either I mean, I do have a job, I'm good at it and I enjoy it and my boss does expect me to perform the duties outlined in my job description. (Ithink at my next review I'll try and see if knitting can be added) I settle down to work and got busy. Next thing you know it's 11:15 and I grab my lunch bag and think 'wow, it doesn't feel like there is anything in here.'

So I'm going pack an emergency yarn kit to keep in my office and possibly drink another glass of wine and go to bed.


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