Sorry, nothing like two posts in one day, but I forgot to give updates. As of now I am done with the Super Simple Short Nasturtium socks and I believe, though it's not confirmed that Marcy is done with her BlackRose sock in Just Right Red from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

These are done as of yesterday and I will be giving them to my friend Jenny tomorrow at work. She is quite excited. Made out of Berrocco Comfort Sox 100% Nylon and feels like a dream.

This is Muddy Bottom Breakdown, also by Blue Moon, Marcy is using it to knit Nutkin from Knitzi.com I am using KawKaw if i ever get the freaking thing untangled....Maybe this will help.

This is the start of sock #2 in Meilenweit Fun and Stripes yarn gleaned from my mom's stash when she was cleaning house. http://www.lanagrossa.de/ made in italy 80% virgin wool 20% nylon. I copied this from the label and it says virgin wool on it. I wonder if I am wearing sweaters made from not so maiden wool?

not the best picture but do you see the size of those silver needles, they are like 3 inches long! I can't believe I let my niece sway me towards them, I thought I knit tight before, woooo! I probably shouldn't have photographed the wood and the metal together on a wood desk top that totally matches the wood needle but there you go. :)


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