When Bad Things Happen to Good Yarn........

First I need to say, that I did not purchase this yarn, it was sent to me from my mother's stash, where it had been stored in an attic like area of her home in the Midwest....If you look closely at the first picture you will some little granule looking things....I think those were left by the moth....yes...MOTH.. the scariest word/thing to a knitter who loves wool is MOTH. It bored right through to the middle of the ball. Looks like someone cut the threads with scissors.

I made this horrifying discovery when I was looking for yarn to knit Helena for my friends 2 daughters. At least I have more yarn in other colors that will also work for the sweater.

Oh well, only one skein so far has been affected, that I've notice. As soon as I discovered it I immediately began bagging all my yarn in ziplocs, something I should have done when I bought the yarn and the ziplocs....so now my stash looks like it's ready for the deep freeze, but if it keeps the moths out of my wool it's worth it.

I suppose it's time to say it out loud, although I've been saying it all week. February Lady is no longer. I was working on it a week ago Friday after a long week at work and I fell asleep halfway through the row...not good. This can only mean that it takes to long for me knit across 348 stitches. Yes, I also had way more stitches than required but I thought I had adapted the pattern and was in good shape. I didn't touch it on Saturday and picked it up again on Sunday. Knit the first row of the gull lace pattern, realized I was off by 5 stitches (so much for my adapting the pattern), said a bad word, maybe two or three bad words, turned the workd, began purling back across, said a really bad word out loud, ripped the needles out, attached the end of the strand to my ball winder and went to town. The sense of relief I felt was amazing. It's nothing against the sweater, I think it's a fantastic pattern. I love how it looks. I just don't love it for me. I will try again, Marcy has convinced me I should, but I will make it in the Extra Small size and give it as a gift to my sister-in-law :) Erin, if you are reading this, you may have it by Christmas. I had some pictures of the frogged February Lady but apparently they are on my work computer.

What am I doing instead with that beautiful charcoal grey Lambs Pride Worsted you ask? Well thank you for asking, I am making Hey Teach. It knits up in four pieces which I'm okay with since I do pay someone to do my finishing for me. It's much more relaxing for me to work on and I don't fall asleep as I work across a row. So, on that note I'm going back to my Hey Teach and I'll have some pictures to post tomorrow.

Happy Saturday


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