Did I miss something........again?

Ever have that feeling that you missed something? That nagging anxiety that not is all well in your world? I do, all the time. I believe mostly that it's due to a want to do everything and the end result is that you essentially do nothing. Not the game plan, and leaves a empty little hole that nagging feelings thrive in. However lets venture down the road that isn't quite that precise. Lets say you're working on a pattern. A vest, I'm very smitten with vests right now, and you've adjusted the pattern to make it longer. This is the most complicated pattern you've executed to date, you even have a note book to write out the chart line by line, keeping copious notes. It's brilliant. So you cast on with fervor, glorying in the fact that it's working.

Look at it, all those cables are fabulous, you make it 2 inches longer and beging your arm hole and shoulder shaping. Back is done! Such accomplishment. Right now, it's key to remember 2 inches. I know it's key, that's why I make notes and that's why I noted it on the front page of the photo copy I was working on. Excellent, right on track. So, you cast on for the left front per pattern instructions, moving along, you execute your first pocket! This is a pattern of first and it's way more exciting than that first 'first' because it's something that keeps on giving. You move right through, RIGHT through the left front, bind off in a ray of glory, convincing yourself that you have achieved such a feat, bring on the right side. Cast on, admire how easily you work through the intricate cables and multiple charts, highlighting your rows, your notes. Second pocket done, so much easier the second time, everything always is.

It was as I was working the pattern during Tuesday night knitting class at my LYS So Much Yarn, when Lauren, the owner said to me, 'I love it! I can't wait to make mine and I'm also going to make mine 2 inches longer. I think that's a good idea'.
Now, this is where we go back to 2 inches being a key thing to remember. Lauren said on Tuesday that she was going to make hers 2 inches longer, I worked on the sweater on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. All the while something was eating at me but I couldn't figure it out, oh well, it would come to me if it was meant to right? It did on Sunday afternoon. I thought, I should see how this is going to look. So I grab the pieces and lay them out..........................................let me point out that at this point on Sunday I was working on the armhole decreases, so I was pretty invested........Look at my work up there...I thought I was a pro, I'm not a pro...I lay the pieces out in my living room, admiring the twists of the cables, my 2 first pockets, the beautiful honeycomb cables mingling with the horseshoe cables and the rope cables on the back, it's lovely and the front pieces are 2 damn inches SHORTER than the back. I said a very bad word many times. I pulled the yarn trying to stretch and realizing even with my limited knowledge of 'blocking' a garment that not all the blocking in the world was going to make this work. I took it to class and ripped back the left front and the right front to just below the arm hole decreases. Did I cry? I'm not going to say, my knitting ladies at class were stunned. I believe that Lynn's jaw hit the ground when she walked in and saw me there ripping it back. Wound up the yarn, put the live stitches on thread, balled up the whole heaping disaster and tossed it into a very lovely bowl on my living room table. It's been almost 8 months. I think I'm ready to play with it again. It would be nice to wear at Thanksgiving.

What's the Lesson today?
that's it. Really easy.
Now, here is an accomplishment: I completed Monkey by Cookie A.
Aren't they lovely?

Good Night, Happy Wednesday........


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