Do You Have a New Post Yet?

A blog, I've discovered, is an interesting thing. If you write one, you hope people read it, and if they do indeed read it, you hope they like it, find it interesting, and maybe even informative. Knowing that people read your blog, depending on your psyche, can create a whole new world of doubt completely different from, 'should I really walk out of the house wearing this today?' kind of doubt. A blog, for the most part is a brain dump, that's why my doctor calls them. Says it's healthy. Get it out, never look back. I never read what I blog, which explains some of the bad grammar and spelling errors. However, being as it is a 'brain dump' for me and helps with the ADD, it's not a good place to dump bad feelings. I choose to write the blog to amuse. I find my life amusing and want to share what I find amusing with everyone else, knowing that I am really the only one who finds my day to day interactions with life to be absolutely hilarious.

The question was posed to me a couple days ago, "have you given up on your blog?"

It made me think. The answer is no, I haven't given up on my blog. There are a host of reasons that I haven't posted but the biggest one is that I haven't been in a good place emotionally for a couple months now and felt that instead of blogging something that could eventually be harmful to me or someone else, I chose to hold back, sort myself out, and get on track. I still knit like a maniac and as you'll see I apparently had a black out at a number of yarn stores based on what my desk looks like right now. I go to work every day, I've travelled with my mom a couple times and have spent time with my husband and dogs. I've even taken up gardening, and as bad a gardener as I am, I find myself enjoying it. Plus, if I ever figure it out, it's one more thing that will bring my mom and I closer.

So, here I am, getting a better grip on my life and what's important, and coming back to entertain you with my run on sentences, beer induced knitting mishaps, yarn store blowouts (not during a sale) and my most recent adventure with Mom to Lopez Island, where we did a bike ride but were also invited to the studio of Island Fibers.

This might be a two parter because I have a lot of pictures to go through and explain, so I'll wrap this post up with one statement.

Clearly, I've gone insane in the past 3 weeks.....(please note that I did NOT include the yarn I purchased in Italy)

Megan......maybe that intervention isn't a bad idea....I'll bring the Leinenkugel's


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