I should probably just stick to knitting........

My dad celebrated his birthday this past Friday. Today he is having a little birthday celebration at his house. I volunteered to make the tiramisu that I made in Italy. It rolled blithley off my tongue, full of confidence and good will. That was 2 weeks ago. Today is the day the Tiramisu gets made. I'm going to point out a few differences between Tiramisu in Italy and Tiramisu in my Mukilteo Kitchen.
In Italy: Each group had a personal chef whi assisted us in our creating of the Tiramisu
In Mukilteo: I have two boxers.
In Italy: Eggs aren't pastueurized and have a beautiful orange yolk that gives the Tiramisu a lovely yellow custard color
In Mukilteo: I have pastuerized eggs and more of a pale yellow Tiramisu
In Italy: our Tiramisu had a nice custard consistency
In Mukilteo: one can only hope.

I can cook. I can cook up a storm. If I ever invite you to my house for a party you will all agree that the number one thing I ask people to bring is dessert. Why? Because I can't make dessert, which makes it all the funnier that I let fly that I would be happy to make Tiramisu just like in Italy. *brief pause while I laugh my ass off right now* I can barely make chocolate chip cookies. I can make brownies out of a box, cake out of a box, anything out of a box dessert wise I can handle.
Ask me to cook Thanksgiving dinner, no sweat, ask me to make a cheesecake and it'll look like a Philadelphia cream cheese neutron bomb blew in my kitchen.
So, I should probably stick to knitting. I know I can do it confidentally. It won't burn in the oven. There is no chance that I'll ever give someone food poisoning with it, maybe a rash because of a fiber allergy but you won't die from it.
I'm pretty sure that I'm going to check on my Tiramisu, that is hopefully hardening in the fridge as I type, and decide that I am going to have to leave 1/2 an hour early, stop at QFC and buy a delicious carrot cake for my fathers birthday.
I took a picture of my tiramisu, but I also added some nice pictures to take the queasiness away after looking at them....sitting there all cockeyed in my fridge taunting me with their unsolidness.

Here are the tulips from Butchart Gardens in Victoria B.C., aren't they nice...see you're starting to feel better already....

Quintus and Gabby taking advantage of the sun....so cute....feeling even better right?
Ahh my beautiful brown Bitter Sweet color yarn that's going to become the hat you see in the background....looking forward to wearing that this fall.....oh and Merry Christmas everyone!

And last but certainly not least, the Dancing Bamboo Sock. Pattern from the knitting book Pints and Purls, portable projects for the social knitter. The yarn is Sox that Rock in an exclusive color made for Tricoter in Seattle. You can only buy it at that store. The color name, Tricoter.


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