Happy 6th of July

Back in April planted some flower pots. It was a pretty big thing for me since I am not very good at gardening. Well let me rephrase that. I'm not good at weeding and maintenance of a yard. I tend to let it go and then decide I'm tired of the jungle and then go out and try to tame said jungle and become overwhelmed. It's a cycle, one I'm trying to break, step by little step. So the first step was flower pots to brighten up the front yard. Now, if you click the link you can revert back to the April Post where I posted pictures of the flower pots. Now see below......
They have quadrupled in size..... I used plant food, once a week and apparently it does what it says.
I also purchased some bulbs, a lily, a bleeding heart, and 2 hosta plants. The Lily is gorgeous as well as the bleeding heart. That is probably my most favorite flower in the garden right now.

However, with all this gardening, and 'pruning', I have still managed to get some knitting done. Are you wondering why I used small letters for 'pruning'? Well, I believe pruning is a learning experience and I have LOTS of room to grow.....so does my rhododendron if it ever forgives me and chooses to grow back. It might take a couple years some people have said, but I think they were just being nice.
I have knit 2 Felicity hats which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I plan on making many, many more. They are quite easy but they fit so well on just about anyone.
I have some bad sock juju still so I've put them aside for a while. I am knitting a scarf for a birthday present in November out of some Knit1Crochet2 tye-dye sock yarn that reminds me of a flower garden. The lace pattern is lovely. It's the same lace pattern in Pints and Purls for the Dancing Bamboo socks and it looks fantastic in the scarf. I have knit 2 Helena sweaters and they both turned out amazing. No picture yet I want to wait till the recipients recieve them before I ruin it by posting it to the world. However, if you are on Ravelry and have friended me (carmelknits) then you can sneek a peek there.
Here are my Felicity hats. One is made out of Plymouth Yarn Kudo which is a cotton, rayon, silk blend and looks like a wonderful summer rainbow as it knits. The other, which reminds me of raspberry/orange sherbert is made from Dream in Color Classy.

I am working on my lace afghan, but haven't decided if I really truly like it. I might just rip it and do it in a different yarn. That is the beauty of knitting you know, if you don't like it you can rip it out.
Life should be that easy.

It's not, but it should be.


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