here's the thing.....

It's September.....actually, it's the middle of september. You know how I know, besides the calendar telling me so? Yarn. The fall yarn has come in with a vengance.

Can you believe that I am so overwhelmed with knitting right now that I have actually created an excel spreadsheet just to organize it. Along with printed/copied necessary patterns, purchased the yarn, and put everything in a ziploc bag with a note card attached that has the recipients name, likes, dislikes, and color preferences. This is just for christmas. I'm making a surprise for my friends birthday party coming up and if I could I'd post picutres but then it would ruin it and I don't want to ruin it. I have a hard enough time keeping a surprise secret, especially when I'm the one giving the surprise that it's amazed me that I haven't told her up to this point. Don't even think about it ML. I'm not telling. It's going to be amazing!! Probably more amazing once the party gets started but still.......

Went to Minnesota for a visit with the family at the begining of September so I'm a bit flabergasted that it's September 17th already. Apparently the older you get the fast time flies. I swear I blink, have a melt down, and a year has gone by. Meltdowns? I have them once in a while. Something will set me off and I'll be all wonky for a bit. I straighten out eventually. A sure sign that something is bothering me is that I start rearranging things. This happens mostly at work if I have something new that I'm learning how to code for a surgery. Surgery coding at best is simple, but you add into it new codes, new implants, etc, you have to wrap your brain around it and try to make it work, or figure out how to say, 'sorry, this is not going to work'.

I like September though. It's probably my love for new school supplies. September is my January. I love a fresh start and there is something about January that doesn't give it to me but September does.

You've played all summer, hopefully, and now, everybody is back to the routine they follow for nine months. School, study, preparing for the holidays, knitting for the holidays. September is wonderful. You get sunny weather, but there is a bit of a bite in it, the leaves are starting to change, people are wearing their new fall wardrobes, kids are carrying shiny new back packs. It's all fresh and new. I think that September should be when we make our resolutions for the next year, not January. That's why I've made my list early this year. I have a big list, and it's not impossible, a lot of it is stuff I've already done but I read somewhere that it's important to share your goals with people so here goes.

1. Breast Cancer 3-Day 2010

2. Lose another 50 pounds (don't know why I can't do it again, but clearly I've had some trouble these past couple years, and I think that trouble is spelled H-A-P-P-Y H-O-U-R)

3. Run the Race for a Cure.

4. Seattle to Portland bike ride (done it once, should probably do it again, especially since there is now an official club of people who have done it for 20+ years) go to to learn more about it and other rides in our community.

and this is the really hard one....

5. Finish the knitting projects I've started, AFTER I finish my Christmas knitting of course.

Tomorrow, I'll post some pictures of what I've been working on, and no ML I won't be posting pictures of your surprise. I would do it tonight but for some reason when both my husband and I are using the wi-fi posting pictures causes it to drag like a banana slug through the forest.

Good Night All


happy knitting


Megan H said…
It was great to see you here in Minnesota. Thanks so much for Zach's new hat! I almost wish it was getting chilly here in Minnesota so I could make him wear it. But since our summer was so crappy and cold...I'm not going to yearn for that too much. Happy Knitting on all of your projects! :) ~Meggles

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